Volume 2 | Issue 2
September 2020

Delta Rho Raider

Of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity

Official Publication of Delta Rho Chapter
University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30605

Fall Initiation

At the end of September, we welcomed in our new brothers: Owen Schertz, Andrew Maiorino, Luke Spotts, Tennessee Sack, Sebastian Herrera, Dean Trapani, Dylan Schefske, Dylan Robinson, Ethan Thomas, Mathew Jones, Zachary Feininger, Cody Powell, Sam Marchlik, Andrew Barton, Drew Collins, Caleb McCown, Will Jones, and Scott Chapman. These 18 young men make up the largest initiation Phi Kap has had since the Delta Rho chapter returned to campus two years ago. Of course the associate member education phase was slightly shortened to make accommodations during the Covid-19 epidemic to make sure everyone remained safe and was able to accommodate class loads, however this continues to show the hard work and dedication put in by both our Recruitment and AME committees to make sure that our chapter continues our trend of rapid growth, even in the face of recent challenges. We are immensely proud to welcome these young men into our fraternity and continue our expansion.

Upcoming Elections

Early October we will be holding our first Fall Election. After excellent leadership from our President William Welch and dedicated work from each of our other Exec Board members, we are excited to welcome all the brothers the opportunity to take up leadership roles in Phi Kappa Theta. Results for the upcoming election can be expected in the October newsletter.

Philanthropy Update

We continue to try and find ways to safely hold a major philanthropy event to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network, although given current Covid-19 risks and restrictions, we may have to wait until Spring to hold a proper event so that everyone can participate in a happy and healthy manner. In the meantime, our head of Philanthropy Chase Braddy has made great strides in getting brothers to participate and contribute to UGA Miracle, the university’s largest philanthropy associated with Greek life. We’ve contributed over $1,000 dollars so far and have several upcoming events for brothers to participate in, and and we look forward to continued contributions to our community.

Covid-19 Update

Each brother continues to monitor health and undergo regular testing when needed. As a fraternity, we’ve taken great care in maintaining the wellbeing of our members while finding safe and healthy ways to contribute to the community and participate in socials, date nights, and other events responsibly.

How You Can Help

With home renovations underway and the fall semester approaching fast, every little bit helps! Please consider contributing to one of our funds at the bottom of our page or contact an executive member to ask how you can contribute to our chapter. Below are some of our focus points over the coming months.

To all of our alumni donors and contributors, we sincerely thank you for your support.

Social Media

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