Volume 1 | Issue 4
April 2020

Delta Rho Raider

Of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity

Official Publication of Delta Rho Chapter
University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30605

The Comeback of the Century

As we are all well aware, the spread of Covid-19 has had a drastic impact on the University of Georgia, including its Greek life. With most brothers back home for the remainder of the summer and all events cancelled by IFC, things are looking rather slow. However, taking it in stride, we’ve worked to find a way to best leverage this pause in Greek life to our advantage. First and foremost, the cancellation of events for the remainder of the semester has left us with a small surplus in the budget to be used next Fall, ensuring that this slow Summer will be followed by one of the most ferocious Fall semesters for Greek life on campus. We expect a full update on use of the extended budget around June 30th.

The lack of events at the Phi Kap house has also allowed us to shift our focus from maintaining the utility of the space to a stronger focus on completing renovations. Several of the brothers living in the house have used the downtime to work on home improvements, most notably the landscaping in the front yard, the implementation of bar equipment for the full commercial bar in the party room, updating the keypads on the doors, and finishing the study room, now with all the equipment of a small office included. Brothers Nick Shook, Logan Brooks, Bo Blandford, and William Welch were major contributors alongside our alumni Mims Hillis. For some pictures on the progress so far, see the last page.

Our next formal election will be held in the Fall, putting us in line to coincided with the time frame most fraternities hold re-elections. (Ours was formerly in Spring due to necessity and timing on Phi Kap’s return to the UGA campus.)

Summer rush has been officially cancelled by IFC to adhere to the national "social distancing" policies as well as differing stay-at-home orders. However, through text and social media, the brothers have been hard at work looking for rising freshmen and sophomores to invite to Fall rush events, including our rescheduled Spring party which will be held during rush week in the hopes of drawing in a sizeable associate member class.

In terms of events, our first major party will be early during rush week to draw in potential associate members. Our primary fall party's theme is officially "Dirty Disney" to be held later in the semester, which will mimic the Dirty Disney party which used to be held by Phi Kap at San Diego State. Aside from that, there's an absolutely packed social calendar with socials, date nights, and philanthropies from Spring pushed into next Fall alongside newly scheduled events.

How You Can Help

With home renovations underway and the fall semester approaching fast, every little bit helps! Please consider contributing to one of our funds at the bottom of our page or contact an executive member to ask how you can contribute to our chapter. Below are some of our focus points over the coming months.

To all of our alumni donors and contributors, we sincerely thank you for your support.

Social Media

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