Volume 1 | Issue 1
January 2020

Delta Rho Raider

Of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity

Official Publication of Delta Rho Chapter
University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30605

Laying Down Roots

For its first full year back on campus, the re-founding brothers of the Delta Rho Chapter have worked tirelessly to breathe life into the promising prospect of a returning brotherhood on campus, reaping much success. If the year has been characterized by anything, it has been the rapid influx of newly initiated brothers in Fall with a similarly promising associate member class in Spring, large enough to overshadow even some of the more well-established fraternities. Beginning with seventeen founding members last Spring, the brothers worked hard to bring in new recruits. They managed to rake in an associate member class of seventeen in Fall 2019, carrying on with eleven associate members in Spring 2020, for a total of forty-two active members within a year of returning to campus. It goes without saying that for a first year back on campus, recruitment efforts have been beyond any precedent. Expectations for growth are now set high, with seemingly no impediments for the future of the Delta Rho chapter. Similarly, the fraternity has also been solidifying its place on Milledge Ave with some fundamental home renovations to open up not only social opportunities, but also intellectual and fraternal endeavors with the planned addition of a new study room and improved quarters for Brothers wanting to live in the house in the coming years.


First and foremost, the brothers of Phi Kappa Theta's Delta Rho chapter are proud to announce that we have remained in academic good standing with the University of Georgia even in this transitional period. That being said, with such rapid expansion, certain growing pains are to be expected. However, thanks to study programs ran by the Associate Member Education (AME) committee, associate members and newly initiated brothers have already seen improvement upon study skills and internally derived work ethic across all subjects. As associate members learn the fraternal knowledge behind Phi Kappa Theta and the Delta Rho chapter, they have actively improved upon study skills and been able to discuss means of improvement as they converse with brothers about the vast history behind Phi Kappa Theta. This, paired with disciplinary and support systems in place for brothers, has already shown great effectiveness in bolstering the fraternity's ability to assist brothers in scholarly endeavors and continually improve upon our chapter's GPA. With time, these systems in place can only improve from here. This is especially true as the fraternity house is renovated, with plans for an updated study room already in place of the old "Crow's Nest."


Our social chairs have also been hard at work making sure Phi Kappa Theta is well represented amongst the student body throughout the year. An Area 51 themed party and a professionally managed casino semi-formal were the great successes of Fall. This along with weekly tailgates during the football season (Go Dawgs!!!) has brought word of Phi Kappa Theta's return back to campus. Our reputation among the sororities have also spread thanks to numerous socials planned with Phi Mu, Kappa Delta, Tri Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sigma Kappa, and several other pending social events. The party this semester is sure to overshadow even the success of the Area 51 party as we pay homage to the legendary St. Patrick's Day Greenhouse Party and reinstate it as a yearly tradition. We also have an exciting formal planned in Nashville, Tennessee from February 28-March 1 for the brothers to treat their dates to a nice weekend getaway. Again, thanks to the excellent planning by our social chairs, we've also established great relations with some of the establishments downtown, getting free brotherhood events at Buddha every Monday night and 1785 every Wednesday night. However, a particular favorite of many brothers this month was certainly our alumni dinner sponsored by Rick Maggoire at Peppino's Pizza as the brothers were able to meet several of the alumni who came before us, especially Robert Wilcox, one of our original founding members and a former executive director of Phi Kappa Theta nationally.

Brother of the Month: Gavin McCraw

For his outstanding academic achievements, Brother Gavin McCraw from Fort Mill, South Carolina made an obvious choice for January's Brother of the Month. Gavin, a sophomore, boasts an impressive 3.92 overall GPA, with a perfect 4.0 last semester, while majoring in Biology. As earlier mentioned, having such a massive intake in new members has certainly been a great victory for Delta Rho's return to campus, and it's brothers like Gavin who set an example not only for upcoming associate members but also his fellow brothers of the Delta Rho chapter, encouraging us all to go the extra mile to excel not only in our academics but also in our endeavors for the fraternity. When reflecting on his time in Phi Kappa Theta, Gavin remarked on how Phi Kap "helped me grow personally and professionally through my time as the alumni coordinator" and how "Phi Kap has provided me the opportunity to network with others that I might otherwise not have if I wasn't part of the brotherhood.” Perhaps most importantly as one of the Delta Rho Chapter's re-founding members, Gavin has certainly held a pivotal role in the success of Phi Kappa Theta's successful return here to UGA.

Home Improvements and Renovations

Much like the brother's efforts to anchor down socially on campus, parallel efforts have been made to renovate the fraternity's house on S Milledge Ave to anchor down our position near campus. This year alone, massive renovations have been underway to update, repair, and redesign several portions of the first floor and foundations of the home. Starting with a full renovation of our party room, tearing down a wall to put in a garage door leading to a new outdoor entertainment area of approx. 1000 sq. ft. Additionally, the bar has been relocated to a corner by the garage door to serve both the indoor party room and outdoor area simultaneously with a fully furnished commercial bar. The new outdoor entertainment area is partitioned from the parking lot with a new storage building. There are also newly renovated men and women's restrooms with all new furnishings and marble tile just off the newly renovated party room. Lastly, the kitchen will be remodeled and moved to the old men's restroom in order to service the outdoor area when holding tailgates and other catered events. Generally speaking these renovations allow Phi Kappa Theta to be the premier location for any social event on campus. Furthermore, there have also been practical repairs to the foundation of the house replacing around 500 sq. ft. of subflooring and portions of sill that are beginning to show their age, making sure that the house will be well maintained for years to come. This is all in service of further renovations already on the books for the upstairs next year. We have Mims Hillis, initiated in Fall 83', to thank for much of these renovations, working day in and day out to make sure they are well underway and working alongside many of the workers to get as much done as possible with a lower cost to the fraternity. It is thanks to the work of Mims, countless other alumni, and brothers working tirelessly that these renovations have been possible. To all of our alumni donors and contributors, we sincerely thank you for your support.