Exec Members

William Welch

(706) 897-7015

Nick Shook

VP Fraternal Development (Treasurer)
(706) 970-7156

Cameron Cantwell

VP Social Development
(678) 834-4007

Ben Waters

VP Intellectual Development
(404) 396-1769

Charlie Cox

VP Leadership Development
(770) 843-0509

Josh Munsey

VP Recruitment
(678) 525-0896

Cole Morgan

Associate Member Educator
(706) 491-3048


The goal of Phi Kappa Theta at the University of Georgia is to develop a strong brotherhood that instills mental and moral strength through responsibility to, and respect for, God, Mankind, our Brothers, and ourselves.


The mission of Phi Kappa Theta at the University of Georgia is to develop a social, philanthropic and intellectual brotherhood through observation, participation, service, and leadership within the Chapter, University, and Community.


In attaining our purposes, we therefore encourage our Members to cultivate a concern for the welfare of those among whom we dwell. We also emphasize the obligation of our Members to so conduct their lives that they will bring honor to their families, their Fraternity Brothers, their College, Community, and Nation.

We also expect that every Member will identify himself with the life and activities of the general student body, never holding himself aloof, but always manifesting a public spirit and lively interest in all that concerns the life and welfare of the college, not only as a student, but also as a loyal alumnus.

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